Lower School Levels are determined by age at season start date (typically the first Tuesday after Labor Day).

Rosebuds must be potty-trained and MUST be three by the first day of classes - no exceptions will be made to this rule.

Many students will have birthdays during the year which make them older than the starting age for their class, but they will not change levels until the following season (school year). Students are only very rarely placed above their age level which is strictly at the instructor's discretion with permission of the director.

If you have a concern about your child's placement, particularly if you think they would do better in a younger class, please let us know. We want to ensure every child is in a class where they will succeed.


Intermediate School Levels are determined first by age, with experience as a supporting factor. A minimum of two technique classes per week are required for Lilacs and Irises.

Pre-Pointe is a supplemental class and requires separate placement. Generally, Irises are eligible; sometimes Lilacs are offered this class if capacity allows.

Advancement is by recommendation of the instructor (based on bi-annual written evaluations) in conference with the director.


Upper School Levels are determined primarily by experience, with age as a supporting factor.

Upper School students receive two separate placements - technique (Tulips, Violets, Orchids), pointe (Pre-Pointe, Pointe I - IV). Advancement is by recommendation of the instructor (based on bi-annual written evaluations) in conference with the director.

Typically, students spend two to four years at a level, but may progress more quickly with consistent stretching outside of class, by taking multiple classes per week, and by fully applying themselves diligently in every class. A minimum of 2 technique classes per week are required for Tulips, Violets, and Orchids.

If a dancer has a school or work-related conflict with one of the required days, arrangements can be made with the director regarding other classes to take to meet the minimum requirement of placement in these levels. However, this may affect performance opportunities since most rehearsals align with the Monday/Thursday technique class schedule.


The separate Pointe class is required for Upper School if they have been determined ready for pointe work by a Doxa instructor. There will not be pointe-specific instruction in the technique class time, and dancers should have a minimum of two years on pointe before taking technique class in their pointe shoes.


New students can attend 1 free open class in the summer for placement purposes.

Students who leave Doxa but return after one or more semesters (not including summers) will need to be reevaluated for placement upon re-entry to the program.

If you need placement, email doxadanceministry@gmail.com