Doxa is able to provide partial tuition scholarships based on need, and small merit-based scholarships for older dancers to pursue summer training and mission opportunities.

While we strive to keep tuition very reasonably priced, we know every family's situation is different and we never want tuition to be cost-prohibitive.

If your family experiences a financial crisis while your dancer is enrolled in Doxa, please first talk with us prior to making any decision to withdraw (even with the intention to re-enroll the following season). We would much rather offer assistance and keep a dancer's training consistent and continuous if at all possible.


  • Complete the Scholarship Application
  • Receive confirmation by email of scholarship award and specified scholarship period
  • Maintain 75% attendance throughout scholarship period
  • Participate in the end-of-season dress rehearsal(s) and performance(s) - applicable to season tuition scholarships received for performing level classes

The process can be repeated as necessary, as long as the student meets the attendance requirement and completes each season/camp/session for which they receive a scholarship.


To donate to our scholarship fund and support another dancer, you can make a gift directly to Paramount Baptist Church and designate it "Doxa - Scholarship".

Thank you in advance for helping make another dancer's training possible!