Registration Fee: $15/family

Full Season Tuition: divided into 8 monthly payments, due first of each month September - April.

See Season Classes for specific tuition rates.

See Withdrawal Policy for tuition due if not completing a full season.


Deposit at Registration: $20/dancer (non-refundable)

Balance Due: first day of camp

Tuition amount is determined by level and length of camp/workshop.

See Summer at Doxa for specific rates.



Tuition can be paid using the Parent Portal system online, or by cash or check in the church office or Doxa studios. Cards are not accepted in person - only online. Please make sure any payment is clearly labeled with your child's first and last name and preferably, their class level/day/time.

Doxa does not charge late fees. We are committed to keeping our program affordable for families. As a result, adherence to these guidelines is crucial to maintain our flexibility with deadlines:

  1.  Monthly payments are due on the first of each month. They can always be paid in advance.
  2. Communicate via email any payments that will not meet the due date - we are happy to accommodate, but just need to know.
  3. Adhere to withdrawal deadlines and prompt notification (see Withdrawals).
  4. To participate in the end-of-season performance (recital or sometimes story ballet, depending upon level and year) pay the Performance Participation Fee by January 30th. This fee will post in January at the start of the second semester of the season. See details under Performances below.


The ability to set tuition to be paid automatically each month.

1. Sign up for Auto-Pay in your Parent Portal account, saving a debit card, credit card, or ACH method.

2. Auto-Pay will be run on the 1st of each tuition month.

3. If your card or bank account info changes or expires, remember to update it in your portal.

Auto-Pay will not run if you do not have a dancer enrolled in an active class. At the end of the season, there is no reason to "stop" or remove your card information. However, you may remove or change the saved payment information at any time.



Please notify us promptly if your plans to participate change after registration. We often operate with waiting lists, and we want every interested dancer to be able to participate! All requests for dropped classes or cancelled registrations must be received by email to

If the Registration Fee has not been paid within two weeks of enrolling in a class, the spot may be forfeited to a dancer on the waiting list.

For season classes and summer camps:

  • Cancellation requests that are received 2 weeks prior to the first class of the season will be fully refunded.
  • Within the 2 week margin, but still prior to the first class, cancellations will be refunded minus the $15 registration fee.

Once classes have begun, even if a dancer's registered class has not yet met, all drops are considered Withdrawals.



Please promptly notify us if your dancer can no longer attend their enrolled class(es). Withdrawal requests must be received by email to

  • Students can withdraw anytime in the Fall semester and in the Spring semester through January 30th.
  • Tuition owed is through the month of the date on which the withdrawal request was received.
  • If a student stops attending without a written request to withdraw from a class, the student owes tuition through the date that contact is successfully made and the intent to drop is confirmed, even if this date is several weeks after the last attended class.
  • If a student must withdraw after January 30th, they owe tuition through the current month (date of notice) as well as the performance fee if a costume has been purchased for them. We ask for families to only do this in cases of emergency, as  withdrawals late in the season affect negatively affect performance preparations, classmates, and class dynamics.

Please note: We often operate with waiting lists prior to the start of classes, but once families' schedules are set and the year is in progress, it's much harder to add students into vacated spots. Please let us know as soon as possible if your dancer will not use their reserved spot.

We strongly believe children and teens benefit greatly from completing whatever task or activity in which they participate and ask that parents encourage their dancers to push through challenges and ask for help when needed, rather than giving up. Please never hesitate to inform your dancer's teacher or the Doxa Director if you have concerns about your child's engagement level - we want to partner with you and ensure every dancer not only reaches their potential, but enjoys the process!


Doxa is able to provide partial or short-term full scholarships based on need, and small merit-based scholarships for older dancers to pursue summer training and mission opportunities. While we strive to keep tuition very reasonably priced, we know every family's situation is different and we never want tuition to be cost-prohibitive.

If your family experiences a financial crisis while your dancer is enrolled in Doxa, please first talk with us prior to making any decision to withdraw (even with the intention to re-enroll the following season). We would much rather offer assistance and keep a dancer's training consistent and continuous if at all possible.

To Be Approved for a Tuition Scholarship:

  • Complete this form online
  • Receive confirmation by email of scholarship award and specified scholarship period
  • Maintain 75% attendance throughout scholarship period
  • Participate in the end-of-season dress rehearsal(s) and performance(s) - applicable to season tuition scholarships received for performing level classes

The process can be repeated as necessary, as long as the student meets the attendance requirement and completes each season/camp/session for which they receive a scholarship.

To Provide a Scholarship for a Dancer:

  • Write a check payable to Paramount Baptist Church and designate it "Doxa - Scholarship". Thank you in advance for helping make another dancer's training possible!




Doxa classes typically begin the Tuesday after Labor Day and end in April. Click here to see a calendar view of this Doxa Season.

Read the full policy to answer questions like:

  • On what holidays does Doxa usually have no classes?
  • Will classes be cancelled for bad weather?
  • How will I hear about a cancelled class?
  • If my child misses a class, can they take a make-up class?



Doxa levels have a specific color-based dress code. See the Dress Code.



Prompt arrival and consistent attendance are crucial for dancers to be successful. No child under 5th grade should be left unattended or allowed to leave without an adult present at the studio door to pick them up (Paramount policy).

Please be quiet in the hallway outside the studios. Noise and even normal conversation can be distracting for in-progress classes.

Read the full policy to answer questions like:

  • Where do classes meet?
  • Why is it so important for my child to use the bathroom before class?
  • Why should I arrive a few minutes early?
  • What if I am sending someone else to pick up my child?



Dancers must have 50% minimum class attendance to participate in performances.

Please share these In-Class Rules with your dancer! All rules are enforced in an age-appropriate manner.

Read the full policy to answer questions like:

  • How are dancers expected to behave during class?
  • What if a student is injured and can't participate in class?
  • Do I have to stay during my child's class?
  • Is there a place for my other kids to play while we wait for their sibling's class to finish?



Younger dancers are placed primarily by age. As dancers get older and more advanced, they are placed primarily by ability. Placement in Intermediate and Advanced classes can only be decided by a Doxa Instructor.

Read the full policy to answer questions like:

  • How long do students typically stay in each level?
  • When do students get to start pointe work?
  • How can I arrange an evaluation for placement by a Doxa Instructor?


Doxa end-of-season performances are unique worship opportunities for dancers and their families and friends.

NEW POLICY: Dancers in all performing levels must maintain a minimum of 50% attendance at any given time during the current season to be eligible for performances.

Read the full policy to answer questions like:

  • When are the recitals?
  • I have more than one child in Doxa. Will they be in the same performance?
  • What do parents need to do to help their dancer have a successful recital?
  • How much will I pay for costumes?
  • Are there other performance opportunities besides recitals?