Everything you need to know about recital participation at Doxa for 2020.


Classes assigned to each performance are listed below. LOOK FOR YOUR DANCER'S CLASS DAY/TIME. Note that boys levels and Irises and up will appear in multiple performance times.

Thursday Night

April 23rd

6:30 pm

Per Month
  • Sweet Peas Mon 11:45
  • Sweet Peas Thurs 4:30
  • Buttercups Thurs 4:00
  • Buttercups Tues 3:30
  • Daisies Thurs 4:45
  • Lilies Thurs 4:15
  • Oaks Sun 2:30
  • Irises Mon/Thurs 5:15
  • Upper School Cast C
Friday Night

April 24th

6:30 pm

per month
  • Sweet Peas Fri 6:00
  • Buttercups Tues 4:30
  • Buttercups Fri 5:15
  • Daisies Tues 4:45
  • Daisies Fri 4:15
  • Oaks Sun 2:30
  • Irises Mon/Thurs 5:15
  • Upper School Cast A
Saturday Matinee

April 25th

2:30 pm

per month
  • Sweet Peas Thurs 10:00
  • Sweet Peas Tues 2:45
  • Buttercups Thurs 10:45
  • Buttercups Tues 2:00
  • Daisies Tues 2:00
  • Lilies Tues 3:00
  • Lilacs Wed 4:15
  • Lilacs Fri 4:15
  • Oaks Sun 2:30
  • Upper School Cast B
Saturday Night

April 25th

6:30 pm

per month
  • Sweet Peas Mon 3:45
  • Sweet Peas Mon 5:15
  • Buttercups Mon 4:30
  • Buttercups Thursday 5:45
  • Saplings Sun 2:15
  • Daisies Mon 4:15
  • Lilies Mon 4:15
  • Lilacs Mon 5:15
  • Lilacs Thurs 5:15
  • Upper School Cast A
Sunday Matinee

April 26th

2:30 pm

per month
  • Sweet Peas Mon 11:00
  • Sweet Peas Wed 4:00
  • Buttercups Wed 3:45
  • Buttercups Wed 4:30
  • Saplings Sun 2:15
  • Daisies Wed 5:15
  • Lilies Wed 5:15
  • Irises Tues/Fri 5:15
  • Upper School Cast C
Sunday Night

April 26th

6:30 pm

per month
  • Sweet Peas Sun 3:15
  • Sweet Peas Wed 10:00
  • Buttercups Sun 2:15
  • Buttercups Sun 3:30
  • Oaks Sun 2:30
  • Daisies Sun 4:15
  • Lilies Sun 5:15
  • Irises Tues/Fri 5:15
  • Upper School Cast B


Whenever possible, Doxa offers a Thursday morning performance for community groups, schools, and other organizations to attend. Only Irises and above are involved in this performance (Oaks and above for boys). Doxa will provide a written school excuse letter for students who need one. If your dancer is enrolled in one of the listed classes but is NOT available to perform at that time, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can make accommodations in our planning to have them miss during this time.

Thursday Morning

April 23rd

10:00 am

Per Month
  • Oaks Sun 2:30
  • Irises Mon 5:15
  • Irises Fri 5:15
  • Tulips in alternate roles
  • Upper School Cast B

For an easier way to see just YOUR DANCER'S schedule regarding performance and dress rehearsal times, log into your parent portal and view the Bulletin Board.









DRESS REHEARSAL: Sweet Peas - Lilies


9 - 10 AM

SWEET PEAS M3:45 & M5:15




10 - 11 AM 


BUTTERCUPS T4:30 & F5:15

DAISIES T4:45 & F4:15

11 AM - 12 PM

SWEET PEAS M11:45 & TH4:30




1 - 2 PM

SWEET PEAS M11:00 & W4:00

BUTTERCUPS W3:45 & W4:30



2 - 3 PM

SWEET PEAS W10:00 & SU3:15




3 - 4 PM

SWEET PEAS T2:45 & TH10:00

BUTTERCUPS T2:00 & TH10:45



3:45 - 5 PM




Note: Lilacs need to combine the two columns for their classes into one complete rehearsal schedule.



  • 10:30 am or after - check-out costume and take individual pictures (pictures optional)
  • 12:45 pm - rehearse Getting Ready Scene, done by 1:30 pm 


  • 5:30 pm - rehearse with Upper School, done by 7:30 pm



  • 3:00 pm - check-out costume
  • 3:15 pm - rehearse Coronation Banquet (Garlands Dance), done by 4:00 pm
  • 4:00 pm - take individual pictures (optional)


  • 5:30 pm - rehearse with Upper School, done by 7:30 pm



  • 9:15 am - rehearse Coronation Banquet (Garlands Dance), done by 10:00 am
  • 10:00 am - take individual pictures (optional)


  • 5:30 pm - rehearse with Upper School, done by 7:30 pm



  • 1:30 pm - check-out costume
  • 1:45 pm - rehearse Getting Ready Scene, done by 2:15 pm
  • 2:15 pm - take individual pictures (optional)


  • 5:30 pm - rehearse with Upper School, done by 7:30 pm

Note: Lilacs have the most complex schedule on Saturday the 18th, because different students take a different combination of classes. It is, in general, set up so that Monday & Thursday classes are needed in the morning, and Wednesday & Friday classes are needed in the afternoon. However, if your dancer takes another combination of classes then these, it may mean they have some down time or a break in between. We appreciate your patience and understanding regarding this complexity - it is unavoidable because of the flexibility we chose to preserve regarding class enrollment at this level.


Note: Irises taking more than two technique classes need to combine the rehearsal times for all classes they take.



  • 9:15 am - check out Getting Ready costume and take individual pictures (optional)
  • 9:45 am - rehearse Getting Ready Scene once, done by 10:15 am
  • 10:15 am - check-in Getting Ready & check-out Garlands costume
  • 10:30 am - rehearse Coronation Banquet (Garlands) Friday performance, done by 11:00 am
  • 11:00 am - take individual pictures in Garlands costume (optional)
  • 11:25 am - rehearse Coronation Banquet (Garlands) Thursday performance, done by noon


  • 5:30 pm - rehearse with Upper School, done by 7:30 pm


  • 5:30 pm - rehearse with Upper School, done by 7:30 pm



  • 1:00 pm - check out Garlands costume
  • 1:25 pm - rehearse Coronation Banquet (Garlands) Sun 2:30 performance, done by 1:50 pm
  • 1:50 pm - take individual pictures in Garlands costume (optional)
  • 2:25 pm - rehearse Coronation Banquet (Garlands) Sun 6:30 performance, done by 2:50 pm
  • 2:50 pm - quickly check-in Garlands costume and check-out Getting Ready costume
  • 2:50 pm - rehearse Getting Ready Scene once, done by 3:15
  • 3:15 pm - take individual pictures in Getting Ready costume (optional)


  • 5:30 pm - rehearse with Upper School, done by 7:30 pm


  • 5:30 pm - rehearse with Upper School, done by 7:30 pm

Upper School students should refer to their full Esther Rehearsals Schedule for dress rehearsal and performance information.

Dress Rehearsal & Picture Day Checklist

April 18th will be a fun but CRAZY day. With everyone's cooperation, we can manage the chaos in an organized way. As a parent, we need you to:

  •  Provide Attire Basics for your dancer (see section below)
  • Bring your dancer to their assigned dress rehearsal time wearing these items and regular clothing over with their hair performance-ready (light makeup optional).
  • Arrive 15 minutes early
  • Check out their costume at the check-out table. Use the designated changing areas for privacy and help your dancer put on the costume over their Attire Basics. Please don't hang out in this area so that others may use it. Please do not take costumes into the bathrooms.
  • Help your dancer find their group in the Worship Center to sit with until their group is called. They will line up with the help of their teacher and then dance their dance one time.
  • Please take excellent care of the costume while it is in your possession. Please no food or drink in the Worship Center, and do not allow your child to eat or drink anything while in costume.
  • Please remain as quiet as possible while teachers are working with classes as they have very limited time with each one. They will answer questions as they can, but please realize they may not be able to do so right away if their class is rehearsing.
  • Afterward, they will be led out to the hallway for a group picture with their class. Follow their group.
  • To have individual pictures taken of your dancer or to reserve a copy of the class picture, please pick up an envelope from the photographer and fill it out as you wait in line. This process takes time and we appreciate your patience! (more photo info below)
  • AS SOON AS your dancer is done with pictures, help them change and return all costume items and accessories to the check-in table. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT - NO COSTUME ITEMS CAN LEAVE THE PREMISES FOR ANY REASON. If you take something with you, it will mean another dancer does not have what they need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is dress rehearsal mandatory?

This is the only chance your dancer has to practice in their costume on the stage. For young dancers, the setting is overwhelming and understanding entrances/exits and transitions is only possible in person with other groups present. A missing dancer makes it more confusing for all others in their class. For dancers who have multiple dress rehearsals, each one will have elements that vary or are focused on different portions of the performance. In other words, all dress rehearsals are very important and should be attended if at all possible.

Where is the dress rehearsal?

The dress rehearsal is at Paramount, but in Building A. This is the same location as the performances. Use the sliding glass door entrance facing Terrace St. near the iron-fenced playground.

Do parents stay at dress rehearsal?

YES (for most levels). It is important that every Lower School student has an adult responsible for them at all times. It is helpful for parents of Intermediate School to stay as well, to help your dancer if needed and to arrange photo purchase if desired.

Do we have to buy the costume?

No, for story ballets the costumes are shared across all casts/performances. This means they are not for sale and cannot be taken home at any time. We will have some other costumes for sale at the Cast Party!

Do we have to provide anything for our dancer?

Every dancer is required to have the appropriate Attire Basics for their level. See that section below.

Do we have classes after dress rehearsal day?

Some years, yes. But this year the Dress Rehearsal and Picture Day is the Saturday immediately preceding performance weekend. The last class day will be Friday, April 17th. 

Classes are not held during performance week.

When is the Cast Party?

Friday night, May 1st at the Paramount Gym (Bldg. B)

How do I help my dancer practice at home?

In the Parent Portal under Shared Files, you will find the music for your dancer's piece(s). Regular practice at home will really help your child, especially if they can practice immediately after class while it is fresh in their mind. Consistent class attendance will help them feel confident so that they don't miss instruction and have to catch up. If they feel overwhelmed because they can't remember their whole dance, encourage them to practice just the parts they do know.









The items below can be found at Razzle Dazzle locally (34th and Bell near Stein Mart) or online at (if shopping at Discount Dance online, use studio code 78113 to support Doxa!) Please ensure your dancers have what they need before dress rehearsal!

Female Attire Basics

Tights: You can order tights through Doxa in the Parent Portal now through March 25th. Any clean pair of full-footed ballet pink or classic pink tights are acceptable (even if not purchased through Doxa).
Ballet Shoes: All female dancers need pink ballet shoes. Please cut your dancer's elastic drawstring on their shoes to 1.5-2" in length, knot it to the desired tightness, and tuck the strings into the shoes. This gives a streamlined appearance and avoids the mishaps that happen when bows come untied.
Black Tank Leotard: Sweet Peas & Buttercups only: Sweet Peas and Buttercups need a plain black leotard to wear under costumes. TANK style is preferred this year for their particular costume.
Foundation Leotard: Daisies & Up: Daisies and up need a nude camisole leotard or body liner to wear underneath borrowed costumes, for modesty in dressing rooms and hygiene purposes.

Male Attire Basics

Tall Black Socks: All boys need crew or taller socks to wear with their shoes.
Ballet Shoes: All boys need black ballet shoes unless specified differently for their character.
Undergarments: All boys are encouraged to wear a brief-cut dance belt or compression shorts under their costume rather than regular underwear.
Black Tank Top: Older boys should wear a black tank top under their character costume(s), unless it shows.
White T-Shirt: Saplings and Oaks may need a plain white clean t-shirt for the Market scene. This is still being finalized but we will let you know for sure soon!


For female dancers, hair should be worn in a ballet bun. Please consider getting that cute summer bob AFTER recital! Hairpieces will not work well with hair that doesn't go into a bun.

If you need help, here is a good YouTube video tutorial. Use hairspray or a hair gel, plenty of bobby pins, and for a nice finished look, a hairnet wrapped over the bun itself. Bring extra bobby pins for securing headpieces.

Boys should wear their hair nicely combed with gel to help it stay put.

MAKEUP, etc.: 

We leave it up to the parents as to whether or not they have their child wear makeup. We suggest a little bit, but this is not a large auditorium and it is not necessary to wear tons of makeup.

Please refrain from using body or hair glitter as it can be distracting. No jewelry, except small stud earrings in a neutral color (silver, gold or clear rhinestone) if desired.

Please try to avoid temporary tattoos, face paint, or hair color in the weeks prior to recital - you never know what may not wash all the way off!


For wearing over attire basics as your dancer arrives and for watching Act II with their class. Please do not let your dancer wear their ballet shoes outside! This makes them wear out faster, but also tracks extra dirt onto the stage and studio floors, which is dangerous for dancers.


It takes a lot of parent volunteers to make a recital or story ballet successful! Please consider helping in one or more of the following ways. Additional jobs available, too!

Volunteer Sign-Ups are collected through the Parent Portal - select the Volunteer Icon.

Dressing Room Attendant

This is the biggest need - it takes 86 parents to help dancers backstage across 6 performances! You can help your child's class or choose to serve in this capacity during another performance time.

Costume Team

We need a few volunteers to work on a set of boys' open tunic-style vests (16 total) as well as other costume repairs and alterations.

Costume Check-in/Out

During dress rehearsal on April 18th, we need volunteers to help the costume check-in/out process work smoothly!


  • Taken at the dress rehearsal, April 18th
  • Make payable to Pirtle Photo, separate from tuition payments (which are payable to Doxa or Paramount).
  • Cash or check only
  • *Package A: $15
    • One Poses
    • 4- wallets
    • 2- 5x7s
  • *Package B: $20
    • Two Poses
    • 8- wallets
    • 2- 4x6s
    • 2- 5x7s
  • A la carte:
    • Wallets, set of 4 - $8
    • 4x6 - $5
    • 5x7 - $8
    • 8x10 - $10
  • *Packages A & B come with an additional 4x6 group photo
  • Even if you only want the group/class photo, be sure to fill out the envelope!
  • How to Pick-up Your Pictures: we are planning to have them available at the Cast Party on May 1st and at the Paramount Church Office starting May 4th, Mon-Thurs 8 - 5 and Fri 8 -1.


Last but not least! What do we do on performance day?

  • Arrive at least 45 minutes prior to the performance start time with your dancer dressed in their required attire basics and ready to go. One parent needs to accompany the dancer; others in your party can proceed to the worship center through the Worship Street Foyer entrances (doors open 30 minutes prior to start time).
  • Help your child check-in first, find their dressing room where their costume will be waiting for them, use the bathroom, and then change into their costume. (Please avoid taking costumes into the bathroom!) Do not leave anything in the dressing room that your child does not need and cannot be responsible for on their own. Please do not leave electronics in the dressing room area.
  • Leave your child in the care of the Parent Volunteer (unless you ARE that Parent Volunteer!) and exit the building. Re-Enter as an audience member through the Western Street Foyer entrances. We know this is somewhat inconvenient, but it is necessary due to the backstage areas (side foyers) being full of props, sets, and other equipment. It is for the safety of all performance members that all audience members must use the Western St. Foyer, including parents who are not serving as backstage volunteers. Doors open for seating 30 minutes prior to the performance. If you seat yourself prior to that, you will be asked to exit the room and re-enter.
  • Enjoy the show! We hope you will consider inviting friends and family to witness this moving story of God's faithfulness and redemption.
  • After the performance, come exit the Western Street foyer doors and come back to the main hallway! You will pick up your dancer at that time and also have an opportunity to visit with other cast members.
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