This page includes info for participating families for the Steadfast Performances. This page may be added to and updated as more information is available.

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Important Recital Dates :


Last Day of Regular Classes
Recital Dress Rehearsal
APRIL 11-14
Recital Performances


Classes assigned to each performance are listed below. LOOK FOR YOUR DANCER'S CLASS DAY/TIME. Dancers in multiple classes or siblings may appear in the same performance or across multiple performances.

Thursday Night

April 11th

6:30 pm

  • SP/BC Combo Thurs 3:45
  • Buttercups Thurs 4:45
  • Daisies Thurs 3:45
  • Bluebonnets Tues & Thurs 4:30
  • Lilies Thurs 4:15
  • Irises Mon & Thurs 5:30 (1 of 3)
  • Poppies - all (1 of 2)
  • Violets/Orchids (1 of 3)
Friday Night

April 12th

6:30 pm

  • Sweet Peas Fri 5:45
  • Buttercups Fri 3:45
  • Buttercups Fri 6:30
  • Daisies Fri 4:45
  • Bluebonnets Tues & Fri 6:30
  • Irises Tues & Fri 4:30 (1 of 3)
  • Tulips (1 of 3)
  • Poppies - all (2 of 2)
Saturday Matinee

April 13th

2:30 pm

  • Sweet Peas Tues 3:45
  • Buttercups Tues 3:45
  • Buttercups Tues 5:00
  • Daisies Tues 4:00
  • Daisies Tues 6:00
  • Lilies Tues 7:00
  • Saplings/Pines Fri 4:30
  • Oaks/Cedars Tues 4:30 (1 of 2)
  • Irises Tues & Fri 4:30 (2 of 3)
  • Tulips (2 of 3)
  • Sunflowers Tues 7:30
Saturday Night

April 13th

6:30 pm

  • Bouquet Sat 9:30a
  • Sweet Peas Wed 10:00a
  • Buttercups Wed 4:30
  • Sprouts Wed 5:30
  • Daisies Wed 4:15
  • Lilies Wed 5:15
  • Lilacs Wed 5:15/Fri 4:30
  • Irises Tues & Fri 4:30 (3 of 3)
  • Tulips (3 of 3)
  • Oaks/Cedars Tues 4:30 (2 of 2)
Sunday Matinee

April 14th

2:30 pm

  • Sweet Peas Mon 10:00a
  • SP/BC Combo Mon 2:15
  • Buttercups Mon 10:45a
  • Buttercups Mon 4:15
  • Daisies Mon 10:30a
  • Daisies Mon 2:15
  • Bluebonnets Mon & Wed 4:30
  • Lilies Mon 4:15
  • Irises Mon & Thurs 5:30 (2 of 3)
  • Violets/Orchids ( 2 of 3)
Sunday Night

April 14th

6:30 pm

  • Sweet Peas Wed 2:45
  • Buttercups Wed 2:15
  • Daisies Wed 2:15
  • Daisies Wed 3:30
  • Bluebonnets Mon & Wed 3:15
  • Lilies Wed 2:00
  • Lilacs Mon & Wed 3:15
  • Irises Mon & Thurs 5:30 (3 of 3)
  • Violets/Orchids (3 of 3)



Building B - use entrance B2

9:00 - 9:45 AM

Sweet Peas/Buttercups Combo TH3:45

Buttercups TH4:45

Daisies TH3:45

Bluebonnets T4:30 & TH4:30

Lilies TH4:15

9:45 - 10:30 AM 

Sweet Peas F5:45

Buttercups F3:45 & F6:30

Daisies F4:45

Bluebonnets T6:30 & F6:30

10:30 - 11:15 AM

Sweet Peas T3:45

Buttercups T3:45 & T5:00

Daisies T4:00 & T6:00

Lilies T7:00

11:15 AM - 12:00 PM

All Poppies



1:00 - 1:45 PM

Sweet Peas W10:00

Buttercups W4:30

Sprouts W5:30

Daisies W4:15

Lilies W5:15

Lilies M4:15

1:45 - 2:45 PM

 Sweet Peas M10:00

Sweet Peas/Buttercups Combo M2:15

Buttercups M10:45 & M4:15

Daisies M10:30 & M2:15

Bluebonnets M4:30 & W4:30

2:45 - 3:45 PM

Sweet Peas W2:45

Buttercups W2:15

Daisies W2:15 & W3:30

Bluebonnets M3:15 & W3:15

Lilies W2:00

3:45 - 5:00 PM

All Lilacs

All Irises

Saplings / Pines

5:00 - 6:30 PM



All Tulips

All Violets

All Orchids

Frequently Asked Questions

Is dress rehearsal mandatory?

This is the only chance your dancer has to practice in their costume on the stage. For young dancers, the setting is overwhelming and understanding entrances/exits and transitions is only possible in person with other groups present. A missing dancer makes it more confusing for all others in their class. If a dancer has multiple classes per week and those classes fall in different performances, they need to attend all applicable dress rehearsal times.

If you know of an unavoidable conflict with dress rehearsal, please communicate it by email at the earliest possible moment. Dress rehearsal cannot be altered or rescheduled, but knowing ahead of time still helps your child's teacher plan.

Where is the dress rehearsal?

Performances this season will be in Building B of Paramount! The dress rehearsal will be held there as well. You will enter B2, just like for classes.

Do parents stay at dress rehearsal?

YES (for most levels). It is important that every Lower School student has an adult responsible for them at all times. It is helpful for parents of Intermediate School to stay as well, to help your dancer if needed and be ready to take them as soon as they are finished. Teachers and volunteers cannot be responsible for your child during dress rehearsal.

Do we have to buy the costume?

See the Costume Fees section on this page -- most costumes are now covered in monthly tuition to avoid a large payment due in January! Some exceptions apply.

Do we have to provide any specific attire for our dancer?

YES. Every dancer is required to have the appropriate Attire Basics for their level. See that section below.

Do we have classes after dress rehearsal day?

The last regular class day Friday, April 5th. 

Classes are not held during the actual performance week. The season concludes with the recital performances.

How do I help my dancer practice at home?

In the Parent Portal under Shared Files, you will find the music for your dancer's piece(s). Regular practice at home will really help your child, especially if they can practice immediately after class while it is fresh in their mind. Consistent class attendance will help them feel confident so that they don't miss instruction and have to catch up. If they feel overwhelmed because they can't remember their whole dance, encourage them to practice just the parts they do know.

What about a video to watch?

Some teachers may choose to utilize the BAND app for sharing choreography video. They will only do this near the end of the semester after the dance is fully taught in class, to avoid confusion about changes. Each teacher reserves the right to decide whether or not they feel this approach is beneficial for their teaching style, class, and specific choreography. If your teacher creates a Band group for the class, you will be notified by email.



This applies to Sweet Peas, Buttercups, Daisies, Bluebonnets, Lilies, Lilacs, and Irises.

Poppies and Sunflowers costumes are covered in a full season of Perform + tuition as well; if a dancer participates in only part of the season of this class, they may owe a partial costume fee.

Tulips, Violets, and Orchids costumes are often either reused from previous performances or purchased new but retained for reuse. Therefore costume costs have not been factored into tuition calculations for these levels. Costumes may be available for purchase if desired - please ask via email if interested.

Boys must purchase a pair of black dance pants (as at the link below) and Doxa purchases a shirt. In most cases, this shirt is new and theirs to keep, but if we are using a shirt from our size/color inventory we will let you know. Boys shirts are one of the few items we can take back as a donation if you do not want to keep it.


The items below can be found on our new Nimbly site, at Razzle Dazzle locally (34th and Bell), or online at (if shopping at Discount Dance online, use studio code 78113 to support Doxa!) Please ensure your dancers have what they need before dress rehearsal!

Female Attire Basics

Tights: You can order Revolution tights through Doxa's Nimbly site. Any clean pair of full-footed ballet tights are acceptable (even if not purchased through Doxa). See a note on color in our dress code policy.
Ballet Shoes: All female dancers need ballet shoes similar in color to their tights. Please cut your dancer's elastic drawstring on their shoes to 1.5-2" in length, knot it to the desired tightness, and tuck the strings into the shoes. This gives a streamlined appearance and avoids the mishaps that happen when bows come untied.
Foundation Leotard: A nude camisole leotard or body liner to wear underneath costumes, for modesty in dressing rooms, hygiene purposes, and possible stage costume mishaps. Required for Daisies and up.

Male Attire Basics

Black Dance Pants: The specific pair linked at the button on the photo (same as last year) is preferred.
Tall Black Socks: All boys need tall black socks to wear with their shoes. Older boys may wear black tights if preferred.
Ballet Shoes: All boys need black ballet shoes.
Undergarments: All boys are encouraged to wear a brief-cut dance belt or compression shorts under their costume rather than regular underwear.


Please consider getting that cute summer bob AFTER recital! Hairpieces will not work well with hair that doesn't go into a bun.

For female dancers Sweet Peas to Lilies/Lilacs, hair should be worn in a ballet bun at the crown of the head. If you need help, here is a good YouTube video tutorial. Use hairspray or a hair gel, plenty of bobby pins, and for a nice finished look, a hairnet wrapped over the bun itself. Bring extra bobby pins for securing headpieces. Don't wait until recital to try it - every class is a chance to get better at doing your dancer's ballet bun!

For female dancers Poppies/Irises through Orchids, hair should be worn in a french twist. Dancers should work to be adept at making these hairstyles themselves without a parent's help. Practice at home and for classes! French Twists should be slick with no fly-aways and well-secured. Always have plenty of bobby pins on hand as well as a hairnet, ponytail holders, and hairspray.

Male dancers should wear their hair nicely combed with gel to help it stay put.

MAKEUP, etc.: 

We leave it up to the parents as to whether or not they have their child wear makeup. We suggest a little bit, but this is not a large auditorium and it is not necessary to wear tons of makeup.

Please refrain from using body or hair glitter as it can be distracting. No jewelry, except small stud earrings in a neutral color (silver, gold or clear rhinestone) if desired. Check for watches, rings, and friendship bracelets which are easy to forget to take off. We highly recommend your dancer leaves these items at home.

Please try to avoid temporary tattoos, face paint, or hair color in the weeks prior to recital - you never know what may not wash all the way off! Any permanent tattoos must be covered with makeup or a bandage for all performances. Nail polish should be clear or neutral tones only.


Please do not let your dancer wear their ballet shoes outside! This makes them wear out faster, but also tracks extra dirt onto the stage and studio floors, which is dangerous for both themselves and for other dancers. If your dancer is leaving their costume with us (Upper School participating in the story ballet) be sure to bring regular clothing to change into after recital.


Bulk Tights Order


We are placing a bulk order of Revolution brand tights. You can order these through the parent portal - select Online Store from the More menu. It is completely optional to get your class or recital tights from Doxa, but these are a good quality option at an affordable price.

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