Learn ballet at home and follow along with an in-studio class. Doxa's live virtual classes are open to students located anywhere! Registration is by semester, approximately 12 classes.

All class times are CST.

Register Now for Fall 2020 Virtual Classes, September 22nd - December 18th.


Ages 3 & 4 

30 minute class



drop-ins allowed at $5/class


WED | 4:45p


Ages 5 & 6 

40 minute class



drop-ins allowed at $7.50/class


THU | 4:00p


Ages 7 - 9 

55 minute class



drop-ins allowed at $9/class


THU | 4:45p


Ages 10+, Beginner/Intermediate

70 minute class


1 class/week: $105/semester

2* classes/week: $175/semester

drop-ins allowed at $10.50/class


SUN | 2:30p

*optional to also enroll in a co-ed class


Ages 9 - 18, Intermediate

70 minute class


1 class/week: $105/semester

2 classes/week: $175/semester

3 classes/week: $240/semester

drop-ins allowed at $10.50/class


MON | 5:15p -- Intermediate II

WED | 5:15p -- Intermediate I

FRI | 5:15p -- Intermediate III


Ages 13+, Advanced

85 minute class


1 class/week: $120/semester

2 classes/week: $200/semester

drop-ins allowed at $12/class


MON | 6:30p -- Upper School I

THURS | 6:30p -- Upper School II


How to take a Virtual Class:

Before Class:

    • Register - You can enroll for the full semester or plan ahead dates to attend and enroll as a drop-in student for only those days.
    • Clear a Space to Dance - Remove any toys or nearby furniture if possible. Try to remove potential distractions from the area.
    • Get a Barre - Dancers in all classes from Lower School II and up should have a sturdy chair or horizontal surface (counter edge, dresser, etc.) to use as a barre.
    • Dress Appropriately - Change into dance attire and put your hair up - wearing the right attire helps you get the most out of the class!
    • Floor Surface - If your floors are slippery, try wearing canvas (rather than leather) ballet shoes and dampening the bottom of them slightly with a wet paper towel.

At Class Time:

  • Log into the Parent Portal from a computer or phone. Set it up in a way the dancer can see the screen.
  • Green Camera Icon - If it is the correct day for your dancer's online class, you'll see it listed in the righthand section called Today's Schedule. If it is time for the class to begin, click on the green camera icon. You can also find upcoming classes by clicking on More > Calendar. Then, select the dates you want to see and you'll find the Online class for your dancer's level. You'll see the green camera icon and can join the class that way (if it's the right time for the class).
  • Waiver - Agree to the waiver when prompted.
  • Pin Video/Spotlight Speaker - Once you've joined the class, click on Gallery View in the upper righthand corner. Select the teacher's screen, and click on the three little dots in the upper righthand corner of that screen. Then select Pin Video. This will keep the teacher's video as the main item on your screen.
  • Enable Audio but Mute Mic - You may have to join audio separately. Your microphone should be muted upon entry, but please double check, and keep it this way to avoid distracting background noise preventing others from hearing the teacher.

Important Details for Virtual Students:

We are thrilled to be able to make virtual classes available, even as we open our doors for in-person classes. Please make sure you understand these factors before enrolling in virtual classes:

  • Your virtual class will consist of a teacher simultaneously teaching in-studio.

You will be able to see the teacher interact with other students, watch how they provide specific corrections, and have the opportunity to follow demonstrations by both students and the teacher (or class assistant).

  • It will be an option to change from virtual enrollment to in-person enrollment, provided that a spot exists in the in-studio class(es) you would like to join.

We will not exceed in person class capacity for safety reasons. We will not add students to in-studio classes after January 30th due to preparations for recital.

  • Taking classes virtually above or below a dancer's assigned level placement does not necessarily affect their placement when returning to in-person classes.

There is more flexibility in level placement for virtual classes than in-studio classes. Because level placement (Intermediate & Upper School) is based partially on a dancer's technique in relation to other dancers, it may be necessary to re-evaluate a student's level placement and adjust accordingly once a student is attending in-studio again. Doxa instructors may move a returning student up or down in leveling based on their discretion in order to find the best fit for the dancer.

  • Participating in virtual classes is "non-performing" by nature.

To be eligible for participation in any scheduled performance/recital, even if they end up being filmed rather than performed for a live audience, a student would need to be enrolled in and attending in-person classes no later than the date classes resume in January for the spring semester. If a story ballet is scheduled, a dancer would have to participate in the audition process and be taking in-studio classes by the first scheduled rehearsal.

  • At this point, we are proceeding on a by-semester basis in regard to virtual class offerings.

Virtual class offerings may change or cease after the current semester. If classes are continuing in Spring 2021, a re-enrollment process may be necessary at the semester break. We will contact all virtual students with more details as the end of the semester approaches.

  • Not all classes that are offered in-studio have a virtual alternative.

It is our goal to be able to provide at least one class per week for any interested dancer. If you are unsure what class is the right fit for you, please email us:

  • Our same policies for tuition payments and withdrawals still apply for virtual enrollment.