Adaptive Dance

Designed for students with special needs and learning differences, these classes offer an encouraging environment to explore creative movement and ballet foundations with additional support and at a relaxed pace.

Full Season = $280 | 8 total payments = $35/monthly

  • 55-minute creative movement/ballet foundations class, once per week

Tuition is posted monthly (September - April).

2023-24 SEASON
  • SAT | 9:30a


Age is the only requirement for these classes - no previous dance experience required.

Dancers ages 4 - 16 can enroll; the group will be split into two groups (younger and older) meeting at the same time if enrollment numbers are great enough. Students have the option to perform in the recital, but are not required to do so. Teaching Assistants provide extra support in the classroom.

These classes are intended to offer a gentler atmosphere for exploring dance with accommodations and support as needed. If you think a regular class may be a better fit for your child but have questions, let's chat about it! Please email to set up a conversation (meeting, email dialogue, or phone call) with the Director.

Bouquet students can wear comfortable attire like leggings and long t-shirts, or ballet attire (leotard of any color, tights, skirt or shorts). Ballet shoes are encouraged; socks are acceptable but may be slippery.

Hair should be secured out of the face. A ballet bun is encouraged.

See dress code for more information on this policy and to view all levels.

Bouquet students will have an opportunity to participate in one of the end-of-season recital performances. We recognize that the recital can be a sensory heavy experience, and will make whatever accommodations are needed to help an interested dancer participate! Please communicate with us if you have any suggestions for helping your dancer succeed.