Ages 9+ | New to Doxa

About the Placement Class

Who should take this class?

  • New-to-Doxa students ages 9+ with or without previous experience in ballet
  • Students returning to Doxa after one or more seasons off

What about beginner students?

  • Students ages 9 to 10 can register for Daisies without placement
  • Girls ages 11+ should take a placement class regardless of prior experience
  • Boys ages 7-10 can register for Saplings without placement
  • Boys ages 11+ can register for Pines without placement

Will classes fill up before I can be placed?

  • The summer placement class is scheduled just prior to the date that new families can register.
  • Earlier evaluation options include an open class or summer camp.
  • Please do not purchase new dress code specific leotards until you have received your level placement.
  • If evaluation options have passed, contact us. We will help you enroll in a class level as a placeholder, and evaluate the first week of the season. If needed, we will then move your enrollment to the correct class(es).

What about pointe work?

  • Dancers who have previous experience on pointe should bring their current pointe shoes to the class for evaluation at the end of class.
  • Please note, Doxa (by intention) usually places students on pointe two to three years LATER than many studios. This is because rather than beginning pointe work for a few minutes each week at the end of a technique class, we teach via a separate pointe class even for beginning pointe students.
  • Therefore, please understand that placement in a pre-pointe class or pointe class at another location does not necessarily mean Doxa will approve that dancer for pointe (or pre-pointe) classes. Please do not buy a new pair of pointe shoes prior to receiving approval at Doxa for pointe work.

Is there a fee for the placement class?

  • No, this class is free!

Is there a dress code for placement class?

  • Female students should wear a leotard, tights, and ballet flats for class, with their hair up in a ballet bun. Close-fitting shorts or a ballet skirt is optional.
  • Because your dancer does not yet know their level, we do not expect them to wear a certain color leotard for placement class.
  • Please, no t-shirts or other cover-ups.
  • Boys should follow our male dress code.

Does participating in the placement class commit a dancer for the season?

  • No, in fact this FREE placement class is a great way for a preteen or teen dancer to see what classes are like at Doxa without commitment.
  • However, once you do enroll you are taking a spot (likely in a by-placement-only level) that another dancer cannot occupy, so please consider carefully your commitment level to finish the season before enrolling.