Ages 13+

Age is determined at start of the season in September.

Full Season = $480 | 8 total payments = $60/monthly

  • 55-minute co-ed ballet technique class (leveled with Poppies), once per week
  • 30-minute Perform+ (choreography segment - optional)
  • 40-minute boys-only supplemental class, once per week

Additional Technique Classes: Add $20/monthly each class

  • 55-minute co-ed ballet class; leveled with Poppies (+ $12.50 for Perform+ segment if desired)

Other Classes: Add $15/monthly each class

  • 40-minute Character/Contemporary I class, once per week
  • 40-minute Movement Foundations class, once per week

Tuition is posted monthly (September - April).


Age is the only requirement for this level; no prior experience is required. Sometimes boys groups are combined.

Boys should enroll in a co-ed class according to age (Nurture Pathway) or placement (Cultivate Pathway).

Shirt: For boys' classes, wear a solid-colored fitted athletic t-shirt or tank in white or black. For co-ed classes, wear a solid-colored fitted t-shirt or tank in white or black or the level color.

Shoes: Black or flesh canvas ballet flats for classes. Black shoes are needed for recital. Sometimes, other colors are necessary for performances based on character/roles.

Pants: Sweatpants, joggers, or activewear pants that are at least knee-length. Pants should not be too long to get under a dancer's heels. Athletic shorts are acceptable with compression shorts underneath. Tights are acceptable with cotton or other shorts worn over.

See dress code for more information on this policy and to view all levels.

In the spring semester, dancers will learn one recital dance during their weekly class to perform in a recital in April. Boys will perform with their co-ed classes. One Saturday dress rehearsal (usually 1-2 weeks before recitals, depending on how Easter falls) is the only commitment outside of consistent class attendance that is required for the recital.

Boys need a pair of black jazz pants or dance trousers for recital (purchase on your own). Doxa will purchase a shirt for each boy, the cost of which is part of tuition rates. There will be no separate costume fees beginning in the 2023-24 Season.