For Intermediate - Advanced Dancers

July 25 - 29, 2022

MON - THU | 9:30 am - 3:30 pm

FRI | 9:30 am - 12:00 pm

Doxa is thrilled to welcome back guest instructors, Kason & Ashley Hanson of META Performance for a 5-day intensive for Intermediate (Irises, Tulips) and Advanced (Violets, Orchids) dancers. The intensive is focused on helping dancers understand proper alignment and turnout to improve their ballet technique. 


  • ballet technique
  • pointe/pre-pointe
  • body alignment and recovery flow
  • variations
  • contemporary/improv/music appreciation

The intensive also includes:

  • A devotional time to begin each day
  • Doxa logo merch item
  • An evening seminar and dinner (Tues)
  • An evening outing (Thurs)

Dancers should bring:

  • sack lunch
  • water bottle
  • Theraband (or one can be purchased from Doxa for $7.50)
  • yoga mat
  • foam roller

COST: $200 

Registration by July 1st is required to guarantee Doxa logo merch item. 


FOR DANCERS - Tuition includes dinner Tuesday night after the seminar and the ticket price for the Thursday evening Sod Poodles Game. Consider bringing additional money for concessions as these are not included. Participants are not required to attend, but these events are included in the tuition and cannot be refunded individually.

FOR PARENTS - We would love to have any interested parents attend any evening activities. Please email doxadanceministry@gmail.com for individual dinner/ticket rates. Parents who choose to attend are included in the group and are expected to act as a chaperone for the group. Ticket availability may be limited.


  • MONDAY | Fundraiser Night for Doxa! Eat with your family or a group of friends at Blue Sky on Western & I-40, 5:00 pm to close. Be sure to mention Doxa and we'll get up to 20% of your purchases back in donations.
  • TUESDAY | seminar & dinner (included)
  • WEDNESDAY | Paramount Students worship service 6:30 - 8:00 pm (no cost)
  • THURSDAY | Sod Poodles game (included)


Dancers do not have to be Doxa year-around students to participate, but do need to be evaluated for placement prior to the intensive.

  • New students should attend one open class prior to enrolling if possible (1 free for placement purposes). See Open Class schedule.
  • Out-of-town students can send a 5-8 minute video of classwork including pointe if applicable to doxadanceministry@gmail.com for evaluation.
  • Current Doxa students must be placed in Irises or higher for the upcoming season to be eligible.
  • Any students who are not determined to be eligible for this intensive are encouraged to consider a Doxa summer camp instead.

Contact doxadanceministry@gmail.com with any eligibility questions.