Please arrive on time, with a few minutes to spare, so that your dancer can use the bathroom, change shoes and the class can begin on time.

Ballet classes are conducted in a very specific order, with a progression of warming and stretching the muscles, developing technique, and then perfecting balance, coordination, and musicality. If a dancer misses the beginning they are not only losing instruction time, but also put at greater risk for injury or muscle fatigue. Intermediate and Upper School students especially are encouraged to arrive a little early and warm up/stretch quietly in the waiting area.

Please expect to stay with your child until the class begins and pick them up promptly when class ends. No children under 5th grade should be left unattended or allowed to leave without an adult present at the studio door to pick them up (church policy).

If someone other than a parent will be picking up your child, please provide this information in writing to Doxa, either by sending a note with your child or emailing

Some classes are back-to-back, while others have breaks before or after, but either way - it is important that we stay on schedule and that the teacher is able to spend time beforehand preparing for the class or working on choreography


Please make every effort to ensure your child has gone to the bathroom shortly before class begins. There are bathrooms next to the water fountain in the hall, and more down the stairs. Some, but not all, of the younger classes have studio assistants, but it is far more ideal for them to be helping in the classroom than running back and forth from the bathroom. One child’s request often prompts four or five others, and we do not want to be in the position of determining whether or not your child really needs to go. Also, your child will miss critical instruction when they leave the room. We completely understand that it will happen occasionally, but ask that they are taken before class every week to limit these interruptions.

Rosebuds must be fully potty-trained and not in a Pull-Up in class. Please enroll in a Mommy & Me class or wait to begin classes until the following year if your child is not ready in this department - we promise she won't be behind in dance education! If you need to discuss this further, email


Doxa Studios are located upstairs in building B at Paramount Baptist Church. Please park in the Purple Parking Lot and use entrances B4 or B5 (B5 has a ramp). Past the Rec Desk and partway down the hall, you will see an elevator and stairwell (across from the gym doors). Use either to go upstairs and through the double doors to arrive at the Doxa studios to your left.

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B4 | Classes, Orientations, Workshops, Auditions, Paramount Activity Center

B5 | Ramp Access for Building B

B2 | Main Office

Sliding Glass Doors | Dress Rehearsals, Cast Entrance for Performances/Recitals

Western Street Foyer | Performance Attendance (note: for all performances, you will not be able to access the audience seating from the Sliding Glass Doors side)