See the exact dates for this season on the Doxa Calendar.


Typically, Season Classes follow this general schedule:

  • First Classes of new Season are Tuesday after Labor Day
  • No Classes Tuesday through Saturday Thanksgiving Week
  • Last Classes for 1st Semester are Friday of a full week prior to Christmas
  • First Class for 2nd Semester are Friday of the second full week of January
  • No Classes Monday through Friday of AISD Spring Break
  • No Classes will be held on Good Friday or Easter Sunday; IF Easter Sunday falls after the end of the season classes (like in 2019, but rarely occurs) then No Classes will be held the Sunday following Spring Break
  • The last day of classes is typically the last Friday before performances. IF the performances are a combined story ballet/recital (all students in one production) then classes will end the week prior to allow for evening Dress Rehearsals. If the last Friday for scheduled classes is Good Friday, then the season will end with Thursday classes the day before.

The exact dates for each year should be noted on the calendar, in addition to special events. We do have classes on Columbus Day, Veterans' Day, and other school days-off like Staff In-Service Days or unused Snow Days. We use the above schedule so that all classes meet the same number of times regardless of their day, excluding closings out of our control such as for inclement weather.


We defer to Amarillo Independent School District regarding school closings - if there is no school that day due to snow, we will not have Doxa classes. Sometimes, for non-school days like Sundays or for Wednesday night activities, we will defer to the church office leadership for facility closures.

Be sure to check your email and like our Facebook page as we will utilize these two communication methods to notify about closures.

Since we are unable to control weather closings, classes canceled for this reason are not rescheduled and do not affect tuition due.


Because of capacity constraints, recital preparations, and other considerations, we do not offer arrangements for students to make up classes they miss. Absences do not affect tuition due.