NEW POLICY: Dancers in all performing levels must maintain a minimum of 50% attendance at any given time during the current season to be eligible for performances. Please note, a dancer who attends only 50% of the time will not be well-prepared for their performance. But any dancer who cannot meet this minimum requirement will not be allowed to participate in the performance.

Excluding Toddlers and Adult Class participants, all enrolled students perform in the end-of-year recital which falls one of the last two weekends of April or first weekend of May. To opt-out of recital or other performances, please notify us at as early as possible.

Dancers are divided across multiple performances. Lower School students usually perform in one performance. Intermediate School students generally perform one dance per class taken, which can fall either in the same performance or in different performances. Upper School students will usually perform in all or most of the scheduled performance times, though their roles may vary, or they may perform a separate weekend if Doxa is producing an original story ballet that year.

Siblings may end up in the same performance or in different performances. This is based on which classes they are in and is simply “luck of the draw.” We cannot guarantee that siblings will perform at the same time.


Help from parents is necessary to make recitals successful. As a parent with a dancer in Doxa, your role for recital is to:
1. Provide required attire for your dancer (pink tights and shoes; sometimes, a black leotard or undergarment leotard)
2. Attend the mandatory dress rehearsal
3. Pay tuition balance prior to dress rehearsal (if not already paid)
4. Arrive at call time with your dancer dressed and ready to go (20 mins early for recitals; up to 1 hr for larger production years)
5. Help your dancer off-stage during rehearsals and the performance as necessary
6. Purchase your dancer's costume prior to the recital OR return the costume with all accessories in excellent condition immediately after the recital (see costume policy for details)
7. View this performance first and foremost as a worship and witness opportunity
8. Set a godly example for my child and other participants by treating others with respect, humility, and patience
9. Volunteer as able for various tasks. Requests are made several weeks prior to recital.

Specific recital date/time for each class as well as dress rehearsal information is made available as early as possible, usually in November. Please IMMEDIATELY reserve all given dates on your calendar and protect them against conflicts. With the exception of sudden illness, dancers are required to attend their dress rehearsal times and perform in ALL performances designated for their class.


At Doxa, we make every effort to keep performing costs at a minimum for families. We do not charge recital fees. Doxa even purchases recital costumes at no cost to you! Parents are able to purchase the costumes to keep if they prefer, or just return them in excellent condition at the end of the recital.

When costumes are purchased, the Costume Hold Charge will appear on online tuition accounts. The Charge varies by level because of differences in original prices, availability, and replacement costs. The Hold Charge will either be covered by payment (if choosing to keep) or be removed once the costume is returned. For those who opt to enroll in Auto-Pay, the Costume Hold Charge will not be charged to your card (only tuition will be) unless you give written permission by email to do so. If a dancer withdraws after costumes have been purchased, they will be responsible for the cost of the Hold Charge for their costume (see Withdrawal Policy).


Doxa dancers are given the opportunity to perform at other events during the year. This may include Paramount's Christmas events, Sunday services, mission trips, community outreach, or side projects.

These performances usually include the dancers in the highest levels and those invited to participate may vary depending upon the number of dancers needed. These opportunities are optional and involvement requirements are expressed at the onset of each commitment.