Please share this section with your dancer! All rules are enforced in an age-appropriate manner, meaning we expect to have to remind a Sweet Pea of the rules, but by the Daisies class they are expected to know and abide by all rules, and respond to instruction the first time.

  • No hanging, climbing, or pulling on ballet barres - wall-mounted or free-standing. They are not constructed like gymnastics bars and treating them this way can cause damage to the wall or injury to themselves.
  • No talking while the teacher is talking or other students are dancingStudents should be watching.
  • Dancers should not sit down during class unless watching due to injury or told to sit by the instructor.
  • Respect the teacher and respond to instruction the first time.
  • No gum or food of any kind in the studios. Water only in securely closed containers is allowed for Upper School. If water bottles become a distraction, the teacher reserves the right to alter this policy for her own class.
  • Students of all ages should make every effort to stay in class until it has finished. This includes making sure you use the bathroom before class begins so you don't miss critical instruction.

We will not tolerate behavior for which we have to ask a child continually to get off the floor, stop talking, or participate correctly. If this is a problem, we will have the child sit out for the remainder of class. We will discuss the behavior problem with the parent after class or by email, and may ask the parent to stay and observe the next week.


Please remove street shoes before entering the studio (children and adults). No rosin allowed - please properly prepare pointe shoes by using methods not damaging to vinyl dance flooring.


Please inform the teacher of any injury which you believe should prevent your child from participating fully in class. Dancers must learn to handle small aches and pains with grace, however, we want to treat serious concerns seriously, so if you know of something your child is dealing with, please let us know too! A child who is injured and cannot participate in class at all is encouraged to come in regular clothes (but still remove their shoes) and observe class. Once a participating dancer sits out due to injury or complaint, they will not be permitted to rejoin the class due to increased risk of injury and cold muscles.


The Playzone down the hall from the studios is available to Doxa parents and children (12 and under only) as long as it is during Activity Center hours (posted) and there is not a private party in progress. If it is locked, check downstairs at the Rec desk and someone can unlock it for you. Doxa instructors do not have the code and it changes frequently. Please do not allow children to play unsupervised or use any indoor play space outside of Activity Center hours -- it is a privilege that we have this space available to us and we must follow the rules as posted by the Recreation Ministry.

Please be aware that any noise in the hallway, even normal conversation, carries through the closed doors and can be distracting to the dancers and teachers. You are more than welcome to watch your child from the hall, but please take conversation around the corner or further down the hall. The space by the elevator is intended for parents and dancers to wait for their class to begin and stretch. The teacher will likely close the doors to the studio; however, there are windows to both studios which you are welcome to watch through. Please just be sensitive if your presence seems to be distracting the class and perhaps stand further back from the glass to watch.

Parents are not required to stay during their child’s class, except for Bitty Bonnets classes in which the parent actively participates with their young child. It is suggested and helpful if a parent stays nearby during Rosebuds and Sweet Peas classes, to assist your child in the bathroom if needed, especially if the class does not have an assistant. If you leave, please ensure your child went to the restroom before class.

If the teacher has experienced any behavior or other concerns with your child in class, she may ask you to stay the next week in order to observe, most likely from the hall.